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This bug occurs when the imported character's appearance is from a Mass Effect (1) save. If your Mass Effect 1 Shepard's appearance was altered in any way in Mass Effect 2, however, the Shepard Dann starten Sie das Spiel und wählen im entsprechenden Bildschirm die Option »Charakter importieren«. Mass Effect 2 bietet Ihnen dabei übrigens alle Charaktere an, mit denen Sie den ersten Mass Effect 2: Charakter wählen Quelle: PC Games Starten Sie das Spiel. Im Hauptmenü wählen Sie "Neues Spiel" und dort "ME1 Charakter importieren".

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Step 7 Select your new Shepard and choose to start a new game! Again, the menu is very similar for ME3. If your save doesn't import to ME3, double check the following: 8. Start Mass Effect 2. When you go to import, the name will be blank on the first selection screen, but will be filled in once you view the details and it should import fine from there. ----- Option #2: (Recommended) Download gibbed's Save Editor from the mods list.

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The import bonuses will stack with the Mass Effect 2 completion starting bonuses (200,000 credits and 50,000 of each resource). -go to "Mass Effect 2" folder-select "save"-paste that character save file into the mass effect 2 save folder.-re-load Mass effect 2 and it should auto-detect that save file.-Mass Effect 1 has a special function that saves a DIFFERENT TYPE of file for complete games so if you do not have that file Mass Effect 2 WILL NOT recognise it.

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-----Step 4 Click Import ME1 Character. Launch Mass Effect 2. On the main menu click New Game and you should see this: Click Import ME1 character and you should see your ME1 characters there to choose from.

Mär Mass Effect: PC stürtz nach 5-10 Minuten ab; 11. Mär Mass Effect: Verbündete sind zu dumm; 04. Feb Mass Effect: Auswirkungen Nebenquests ME2; 25. Jan Mass Effect: ME1 schlechtes Gra w: seria Mass Effect,Wiedźmin 2,Sacred,seria Assassins Creed,DMC4,Dragon Age i wiele innych Będziesz mógł.Sam mam "jedynkę" z CD-Action.Wystarczy ,że wkleisz najnowszy save swojej postaci ,którą ukończyłeś ME1 do Dokumenty > BioWare > Mass Effect 2 > Save > ME1 . Se hela listan på mass effect™ 2 digital deluxe edition (2010) terms and conditions.
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----- Option #2: (Recommended) Download gibbed's Save Editor from the mods list.

The only thing i can think of is that i upgraded my 20GB drive to the 120GB. (ME3 was the easiest, granted I imported a level 30 ME2 character.) If you import an ME1 character into ME2, it makes it slightly easier because you'll start ME2 at level 5 or 6, giving you more points to spend on abilities. But I initially played ME2 before ME1 was available on PS3, so I didn't have the import option back then.
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Nightsolo's Mass Effect 2 Shepard Guide Importing A Shepard From Mass Effect 1 I HIGHLY recommend importing a save game, because a new character in Mass Effect 2 supposedly starts with all the Renegade choices from Mass Effect 1.

Import ME1 Character. Connorray007. 4.

I'm quite annoyed. Is this a known problem, and is there a fix? Imported Character Default ME2 femShep 8. Start Mass Effect 2.