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2. But if the blockade continues it's going to start costing big money. 3. The blockade has added to domestic tension 1. hinder or prevent the progress or accomplishment of 2. render unsuitable for passage 3.

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What is a sentence with blockade? The ships were positioned as a blockade just outside of the harbor. Blockade in Sentence. Protesters fail to break army blockade. Advertisement Blockade Synonyms. Encirclement. Bar. Barricade.

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Learn more. Example Sentences for "blockade" The police had set up a blockade to keep demonstrators from entering the Legislative BuildingsThe road to the forest was blockaded by protesters trying to stop the logging company from cutting down the centuries-old trees. ‘He demanded their removal and imposed a naval blockade on the delivery of weapons to Cuba.’ ‘They imposed an economic blockade on the city, forcing people to queue for hours in the heat to enter or leave, and requiring them to show identification in English.’ ‘His had been simple - lift the blockade… Blockade Sentence Examples The American commodore was now able to blockade the British flotilla at Kingston. Doria resolved to blockade and starve Venice to surrender.

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Blockade in a sentence


The strategy could include a naval blockade of Yugoslav ports. It's difficult to see naval blockades in a sentence . Israel lifted a week-old naval blockade on Beirut Port Sunday. Along with France, they questioned the wisdom of a naval blockade. 2019-11-26 Sentence Examples for blockade. Then came the winter, and the cabin was often blockaded with snow for weeks. How to use blockade in a sentence is shown in this page.
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You tell us that  The sentence stated that the ICC: (2). Finds the most active participants, declaring a blockade against the university in the weeks leading up to the final exams. Synonymer: prohibition, sanction, embargo, limitation, blockade, mer Forumdiskussioner med ord(en) bans or ban in this sentence? - English Only forum blockaded Western access toBerlin," when it was 1948, and her very next sentence contradicts the year by stating "Soviets lifted their blockade in May 1949​.

They've imposed an economic blockade on the country.
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Subjects - Wie geht's? - Time Phrases - Directed Writing bullet point randomiser - In meiner Freizeit. Runner-up meaning and example sentences with runner-up. Thesaurus Day: base runner Featured Games 2. blockade-runner noun finishes second ' ) a is!

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The submarine blockade was fizzling out. Blockade example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. Learn the definition of the word "blockade" and how to use blockade in a sentence. Example sentences for blockade in popular books and movies. blockade - meaning in Hindi and English. Learn correct use of word.

I stood before the battered blockade fence. Sammy's thought blockade, however, works very well. Even the blockade had added to Atlanta’s prestige.